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(a) Birth Certificate
(b) Citizenship
(c) Country or state
(e) Sovereign

Traditions and customs of Real Property Ownership throughout the globe

The Americas : Turtle Island North andd Turtle Island South

Modern Era Law of Application

Modern Era Evolutionary Law : Public and Private Dispute Resolution

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Understanding and Claiming Your Land Rights

Rules Of Natural Justice : "There are two rules that natural justice is concerned with. These are the rule against bias (nemo iudex in causa sua) and the right to a fair hearing (audi alteram partem)."
"ALLODIUM" : Real Property :
defined : (wiki) :"Allodial title constitutes ownership of real property (land, buildings and fixtures) that is independent of any superior landlord, but it should not be confused with anarchy as the owner of allodial land is not independent of his sovereign. In common legal use, allodial title is used to distinguish absolute ownership of land from holding by feudal tenure which restricted alienation and burdened land with the tenurial rights of a landholder's overlord or sovereign.

True allodial title is rare, with most property ownership in the common law world—primarily, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the Republic of Ireland—described more properly as being in fee simple. In particular, land is said to be "held of the Crown" in England and Wales and the Commonwealth realms. In England, there is no allodial land, all land being held of the Crown; in the United States, all land is subject to eminent domain by federal, state and local government, and subject to the imposition of taxes by state and/or local governments, and there is thus no true allodial land."

Establishing and maintaining an equitable law system for property rights is fundamental to the continued survival of a society and its nationhood.

Sourcing the UPDATES and LINKS registries addendum will assist in clarifying: note : Chief Seattle's 1852 Reply On The Question Of Lands.
  • Who, in this modern era, is entitled to establish laws; especially, those laws - whether domestic or international in scope - that relate to property title; and,
  • How does custom and tradition apply to this formation of enforceable law; and, the continuance of peaceful regulation and management of lands and resources - including, the skies, waterways; and, sub-surface regions
salus populi suprema est lex : the right of the people is the supreme law